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Hi conspiracy theorists!

Our names are Brooke Sasser and Holly Lauermann. We met as first grade teachers sharing a neighboring classroom door in North Carolina. We couldn’t help but become best friends soon after sharing our love of conspiracy theories and traveling! Not too long after, we moved to Shanghai, China together to travel, teach, and try new experiences. Currently, they are both living in North Carolina. Brooke is a Kindergarten teacher, and Holly Lauermann is a third grade teacher. Many people have mistaken us for sisters instead of best friends. We definitely feel like we are sisters! We cannot wait to start our newest adventure of being podcasters!

Behind the scenes, our awesome husbands are taking care of the website, pictures, audio, and all of that technical stuff!

So put your tin foil hats on, and let’s discuss these conspiracy theories!

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Brooke Sasser

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Holly Lauermann


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